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Monday, October 17, 2011

New Halloween Designs

At Ghoultide Gathering we unveiled nine new Halloween designs.
They all found new homes for the season!
 Here are the newest carvings which can be ordered.

The Ghoul
The Ghoul wanders through the abandoned graveyard with umbrella in hand.
The carved pumpkin is hollowed out and glows with yellow eyes!

Red Witch Ltd. Ed.
14" H
She always wanted to wear a red dress!
Under her arm she carries her black cat.
The moon is rising  behind her with bats flying in front of the moonlight.

Moonlight Cats Ltd. Ed.
Three cats ready for "trick or treating".
Old Man Moon shines the way for their night outing.

Grim Reaper
"As I am so Shall ye Be".
Is there anything more to be said?

Ghost of Pumpkins Past

Mister Punkin
This fellow dons a top hat with flowing ribbons and sports red shoes.
 He carries his punkin friends with him.

Rest a Spell
This witch and her cat are taking a break from all her spell making.

Hag in Flight
Sometimes we run out of room on our shelves and cupoards.
Hag in Flight can be hung from a hook or suspended from a rod.

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Halloween Fright  Ltd to 5
What have we here? Halloween Fright! This ghostly pumpkin carries a hollowed out pumpkin with a glowing face.
In his pockets are ghosts and pumpkins. Bats fly out of his coat!

Scary! This creature creeps through the night.
Horrified pumpkins look up at him as he walks by.